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June 30, 2009

how to jump a diesel

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With it’s twin batteries it took my whole fleet to get the Ford started. That’s my motorcycle ready to run for help.

mornin’ sunshine

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Here’s a sure sign you have four women staying with you -I came out into the kitchen this morning to find a pair of underduds drying on the doorknob. Every good host should have a drying rack for the silky stuff. Now I know.

June 29, 2009

quadruple dutch

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So the Dutch girls arrived yesterday. Steve sent them out from Massachusetts. They’ll be staying for four days. I took them immediately to The Lexington bar. It’s hard to know where to take four college girls from Amsterdam when your idea of a good time includes a trip to the dump and throwing rocks at street signs. The Lexington, a lesbian bar, was packed out the door since it was Pride weekend. They aren’t lesbians so it wasn’t so much fun for them. I’ll never be a tour guide.

“What do you call ‘going dutch’ in the Netherlands?” I asked.

“Splitting the bill,” she said with a withering tone.

“Do you know what Double Dutch means?” I asked, not catching on that this was racist and offensive.

“When the man wears a condom even though the girl is on the pill,” she said.

It was news to me. We googled it. She’s right.

June 28, 2009

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This is my working man’s work glove tribute to Micheal Jackson.

June 27, 2009

car art

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“It must take some balls jumpin’ in that thing every mornin’.”

“It’s car art!”

“Yeah? I don’t like it.”

Overheard on the street at Fillmore and Geary.

June 26, 2009

tonite i connect

How do edible undies work? What are you eating? An edible fabric? Is it made of fruit leather? Perhaps just the crotch is made of gum. Other than gum, very few foods are flexible enough to withstand so much movement. Bananas wouldn’t work. Sushi probably would. Or licorice. But what about the elastic waist?

If life begins at conception, could a man who has coitus with his pregnant wife be accused of child molestation?

Good night internet.

June 25, 2009

life in the big city

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Went out to Poll’s motorcycle shop with my pal Erik to ask a few questions. There’s always folks hanging around, including this archer who started shooting at a box across the street.

bag of booze

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Collin used to drink box wine, now he drinks booze bags. They come in the ice cream cooler at a liquor store around the corner. Frozen daiquiris with liquor already in it. Brilliant.

June 24, 2009


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Haven’t seen Rusty Sunshine in months. First thing he does is show me the John Deere he got for a song. “Even has power steering,” he crooned.

June 23, 2009

that’s doug’s banjo hand!

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He said, “it won’t matter for this band.”

Doug fell into the campfire.

in the warm california sun

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June 22, 2009

meet the competition

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June 21, 2009

garbage is made in the dark

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I was loading at ten pm the other night. Got over a ton of weight in there!

you’ll never sell anything without a before picture

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Tall weeds, overgrown jade tree, sickly bulb plants. Dead leaves from the avocado tree everwhere and cement covered in dirt. Me and the fellahs put a good sprucing to it.

is this the street with irish worker’s?

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