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November 25, 2007


Who are the people in my neighborhood?

Rocket Fuel Only
Sean MacDonald, my best friend, from the days and halls of Portsmouth High, showcasing drawings and paintings in his awesome illustrated style.

Male Mannequin
Read about a young lady’s adventures in New York, (sometimes New Jersey) and her occasional trek back to the motherland we know as "New Hampshire".

Hot Lunch
That young lady up above has teamed up with a friend to bring you talk and photos of food on this blog.

Rick McKinney’s parents and my parents both go to the same church. Take a look at another prodigal son’s website and wonder what’s wrong with New England religion.

I Need To Stop Soon
A man on a mission.

Mr. Ravioli has an evil Dr. Jekyll side that tries to earn money honestly.

Jason Landry
One of the few Greenland Boys that ever figured out computers

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