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August 30, 2011

on break from begging


This is amazing. From the shout to Jews and Christians to the notion anything you give is deserved.

August 28, 2011

free lunch


At giants stadium with a free pass thanks to the girlfriends drug company. They’re developing a cure for congenital warts or something.

50$ at the flea


August 27, 2011

we work in pairs to hear ideas

Been hanging out with the educated carpenter lately. Here’s a few thoughts I heard as we poured cement into a rubble filled hole that recently had been a hot tub.

“I assumed I’d been 86ed from the bar, because why else would I wake up in the bushes of Delores Park?”

“Blonde hair, big tits, long legs – she looked like loud sex.”

“They legalized medical marijuana, I’m waiting for medical prostitution to come around.”

“TMZ is all about people who spend their days drunk and on drugs doing CRAAZZY shit. Just like me. It’s all the news I need. It’s like a how-to for me.”

August 22, 2011

not bad for a girl


good ol days


August 21, 2011

holding its value


August 19, 2011


Put this down on my kitchen floor. It looks great but doesn’t match the tile on the walls. Took 4 years to get it done, so in 4 years I might get around to changing it.

retirees beware


You can’t leave your Winnebago on city streets.


This is the street where Full House opening credits were shot. You never saw it from this angle with the apartment tower next door.

the problem with wide shots


city rat


Not sure if being a biker is a recognized handicap, but with political correctness running our lives, outlaws have more rights than us tax payers do and that war in Iraq isn’t over but it isn’t about oil either so love it or leave it.

August 15, 2011

managing the brand


There are major religions and minor religions and new kids on the block they call cults. It can take hundreds of years before a cult gets drafted into the minors and it takes a powerful leader’s conversion to a minor religion to call it up into the majors. (Think of Constantine, a Roman emperor, adopting Christianity.)

Today when people gossip about Mitt Romney being a Mormom, we are working out amongst ourselves, in part, if Mormons and polygamy are ready to be big time. The recent arrest and conviction of Warren Jeffs shows that it won’t be an easy transition. (Leader of a branch of the church sentenced on rape charges, also tried for arranging marriages of young women to older men. Accused of incest by niece and nephew.)

A church must manage it’s brand, just like any large corporation. The Catholic Church has for years managed itself by moving problem (ie pedophile) priests to new communities. That strategy is a public relations disaster and the Catholic Church has paid more than 2 billion in settlements. Is a religion too big to fail? Ask a pagan. They’ll tell you they never die, they just fade into obscurity.

The Catholic Church needs a policy change. How about letting priests marry so they have a normal sexual outlet?

“In 1966, psychiatrists Franz Alexander and Sheldon Selesnick described problems involving monasteries: “Centuries of imposed celibacy had not inhibited the erotic drives of monks or nuns, and underground passageways were known to connect some monasteries and nunneries. Townspeople often had to send prostitutes to the monasteries in order to protect the maidens of the village.” 

Teach someone a woman’s sexuality is sinful and maybe they’ll start grabbing little boys. Look at what happens to straight men in prison: there’s only one outlet. Priests found a safe sexual outlet in children who could be manipulated and silenced.

Religion either does this to people or allows it to happen. I’d wager it allows it to happen, because rape and incest can happen without religion at all.

The dirty church in the photo is a place of hope for innocent people looking to do good and find forgiveness and the men who lead them give them words of comfort and accept their money and reverence in return.

the reek of piss isn’t in the photo


first coat


You see in the post below Natalie has the same taste in color palate as I do. I should have had her design for me.

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