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January 31, 2007

Here’s some audio of last night’s performance. It is a bit of an explanation about the nature of the benefit show we played for Doug’s grandmother.

Okay, so I can’t remember how to upload mp3’s…and I need to go to bed…try again tomorrow. In the meantime, check out this picture…shippainting.jpg

January 30, 2007

The Flagpoles Are Coming!


I am debuting as a bass player tonight at Cafe Du Nord here in San Francisco. Opening act on a Tuesday night…my first time playing in a band! I’m wicked hella excited. That’s Collin and Doug, the better half of the band. Actually, Brett is a good drummer, but he was stuck behind the kit when I took this picture.

I went to the dentist

“Let’s take a quick look..”



Does this image help you understand what I’m about to tell you? This week at work we received a truckload of shredded nike sneakers. They came on pallets which we carried into a riding ring for thoroughbred horses. The sneaker material, soles and all, was then spread with a hay fork across the top layer of sand. It is supposed to cushion the horses feet as they run. I suppose since they can’t wear sneakers themselves, it is the next best thing.

It was raining the day they arrived, and the truck, a 14 wheeler, got stuck in the mud backing out of the long dirt driveway. Rus pushed the guy out with his tractor. I couldn’t get a picture of that because I was throwing base-rock under the spinning wheels.

It didn’t feel right throwing all this plastic and synthetic material into the ground. But if I was getting paid to install astro-turf, I don’t know if I would feel bad. Probably.

here’s some sneaker recycling info from nike.

January 29, 2007


gumball machines at SeaBowl in Pacifica, California

January 24, 2007


This is a shot of Maine in late December. Should be covered with snow.

Mom wrote me today:

“Have to talk about the weather. Drastic change from 50+ degrees to a steep and steady downward run. 2 Degrees this morning and everything is a crush of ice. So far we have not lost electricity, plenty have. The wildlife will suffer. Many had not migrated or settled in dens or even grown full winter coats.”

It wouldn’t take much to kill off the majority of life on earth.


Here’s an old comic book of my father’s. More police department’s should have red prowl cars.

January 22, 2007


Saw this plow off’n the side of route one maine…anyone intres-sed in makin’ some plow money should pick it up…200 bucks is cheap

Finding money in couch cushions and cassette tapes in cars is part of the fun of buying used. I bought my G4 used from my friend Hak. I found this on his hard drive, a little surprise recipe for cooking pho soup like a true Vietnamese. Enjoy!

(for some reason you are taken first to the host. So look on the right, halfway down, for the animation. It is really funny. Watch it!)

January 21, 2007

Children’s Gravestones, circa 1700’s


“Here lies mixed with the clods of the valley the ashes of Anne Holyoke Cutts…”



These are in a little graveyard in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I think the little bat/angel wings and the baby face are so metal.

January 20, 2007



This is who we’re dealing with…

January 18, 2007

I heard some women talking today, one mentioned she was trying to find a ring-tone that matched her outfit.

Adult Content Warning

psst… click on this link …i posted a video interview with a young guy who works as a mop jockey…a janitor…but a special kind of janitor…a jizz mopper…down to the lusty lady…he mops out the peep show booths…

he’s italian…hard to understand…and i’m not a great editor…and it isn’t as long as it seems…somehow all the jumbled up audio and video clips i cut out ended up in the movie…

after you see me put the quarter in the video booth…then you know it’s over…

i hope to re-edit it…make it shorter…but it’s taken me weeks in imovie…had to finish…

January 17, 2007

Jon Rolston, weird since birth


I don’t know why my knees are like that and I don’t know what is on my head.

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