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May 31, 2009

moving success

I missed the action shot of these guys lowering the box spring out the second story window, but it was a success…

unlike my attempt to fix the plant I broke in the move…

doug’s other band rocks

Sterling Says played the Red Devil Lounge tonite and it blew my mind.

May 29, 2009

end of the month

photo posted from my iPhone

Was helping Chirag move today when we spied this sign. A splinter from the yard sale sign family.

May 28, 2009

special tool

Having trouble uploading images, which is a bummer because Fisher came over and edited a little movie I shot with Alina a few years ago. So close to making it live and the automatic Flash update screws up my website.

In other life obstacles, my new truck won’t open from the drivers side inside. Have you ever tried to remove a door panel? Getting the window crank off seems impossible, there’s no screws. I got online and found out there is a “snap ring”. It requires a special tool to release it. Of course

bodyshopzone.com came up with the exact instructions I need.

Just a few more clicks I find this:

“Real easy to get those cranks off. Just get a shop rag or another thin cloth. pull it back and forth between the crank and the panel (like you would dry your back off with a towel), the rag will “grab” the clip and knock it loose, just watch for it when it comes out so you don’t lose it. Putting it back in is easy, put the clip on the window crank first, then snap it back on the shaft, voila!”

As much as I hate the internet when it messes up, man I love that thing.

(I can link to an image already on the web, like that one, but can’t upload files from my own computer.)

minding beeswax

Two bees having sex. Hard to see because I don’t have my good camera with me, but it’s straight sex. The large female with the small male on her back gives it away. No laws prevent this in the state of California, even though it took place in public.

May 27, 2009

gay dreams

They went up for a duet of some old soul oldie, a slow jam, I just can’t remember the name of the song because they were both so uninspired. The girl had her cell phone out and was texting while the guy sang his verse. Honestly. I’ve never seen anything like it. She disrespected us all. Even those of you who just had to read about it.
I slept twelve hours last night, which isn’t shocking since I’ve been working twelve hour days for a while now. I got home and laid down and woke up at 630 in the morning. I feel great. It just means I missed the rallies downtown protesting the Court’s upholding the ban on same sex marriage. It never inspires confidence in the Constitution and all the American Hoopla about democracy and freedom when a majority can vote away the rights of a minority and have the Court stand behind it.
Marriage offers special rights. As a single guy, I get screwed out of those rights just as much as two gay guys in love do. I can’t put my roommate or my friend or my sister on my health plan. The way marriage is set up today makes it a tax shelter. How is that sacred? It’s profane is what it is. So Christians should be lobbying to remove these governmental benefits from their sacred unions now that they’ve secured it only for themselves. Prove to us that marriage is holy. Outlaw divorce. Ban tax benefits. I sound like a dreamer.
I woke up this morning from a dream I was having in cartoon form. It was like a G.I. Joe cartoon I guess, and a bomb exploded under the sea and our unit watched as the wave rose and it threw my old electric razor into the air, which turned into a guided missile and destroyed enemy planes. I got up and took a shower and thought about the future where dreams will be recorded. In that age the best dreamers will be superstars. It will turn out that a few of us have incredibly more fantastic and coherent dreams than the rest of us, and we will be able to watch those dreams like a viral Youtube video.
That’s all I have to say for now.

May 26, 2009

come to a big city

Who doesn’t want to have a story, even if it’s only told once, to a lover, so they can understand you? Understand why you get so mad. Why you need to be held. We want to touch, like little children toppling and rolling and bumping into one another, dogs at the dog park, a litter of sleeping kittens, there’s no boundaries, no bad thoughts, but you can’t find that in the city, everyone here has lost something and empty people grab.
I get on the computer a lot. Organizing closets calms me down. Throwing things away is not easy. Better to make a pile and have a yard sale next weekend. Or just put it in a different drawer with a few other things like it so it’s a collection. Why throw out a colection? Please line them up so they touch. Leave the light on for the cat.

May 24, 2009

yard sale

photo posted from my iPhone
I like to move my yard sale around to different friends houses so people don’t catch on that it’s a pro sale. The guy next door to my friend Tim was cleaning out his garage and asked if I wanted any bicycles, so in the middle of my yard sale I ended up pulling out 12 bikes from this stack. Gave the guy ten bucks. That’s hustlin’.

May 23, 2009

inside a box truck

photo posted from my iPhone
We loaded the gear and The Flagpoles played a set for Sophia’s second birthday party.


photo posted from my iPhone

I’m entering my own best yard sale sign ever contest.

May 22, 2009

photo posted from my iPhone

test only station

This is a gas station garage bay. Now a waiting room while a kid sticks a sensor in the tailpipe of your vehicle and sees if you are a gross polluter or not. I failed the test because my gas cap leaked too many fumes. Bought a new gas cap and hopefully I’m all set. Gotta go back for a retest. Back in New Hampshire they don’t have emissions tests. Not sure if many states do.

sophia’s birthday

Sophia and I went down the coast for the night to celebrate her birthday. We hopped the fence and got in the hot tub and turned it on. It was perfect.

May 19, 2009

a picture of strength

This is my arm. You may notice the bruise I got from flexing too hard.

May 18, 2009

mexcellent spanish

ganked from monkeydoc’s flickr pool

There are lot’s of ideas that go nowhere, but if you at least write them down in your blog, they’ve gone somewhere. How’s this one for awesome? Mexcellent Spanish. It’s a podcast that teaches you Spanish you’ll use in everyday jobs here in California.
Today at Sims Metal Recycling where I brought two old water heaters, a disposable helium tank, a fire extinguisher, a length of chicken wire, twenty feet of rusted gutter, Sophia’s old head board and some other metal odds and ends, I would have liked to have known how to say a few of the following things to the people around me.

“What’s taking so long?”

“Where do I go?”

“Nice truck!”

“How much per pound?”

There were also a few Spanish phrases those around me wish I knew. For instance,

“Don’t park there!”

“Hold on!”

“We pay less for appliances and you’ll get more per pound for non ferrous metals if you take them elsewhere.”

That last one will be for advanced students. There are podcasts out there that teach Spanish phrases, such as “Coffee Break Spanish“. I listen to this one sometimes, but more to learn the Scottish accent. Yes, it is Spanish taught by Scots. They will use Spain Spanish, not American Spanish, most of the time as well.

Useless. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to say, “Behind you” in Spanish, so when you’re waiting tables and back in the kitchen your tray won’t get knocked off your shoulder? That’s useful. There is a need. I know the people. This can happen.

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