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tough guy poetry and manly stories of loneliness
all contents copyright Jon Rolston 2004, 2005, 2006

October 29, 2006



October 28, 2006










That’s my bush!


October 27, 2006


This man was playing slide guitar downtown where the trolley turns around on Powell and Market. The brass slide is attached to the wrist support, and what you can’t see very well are the tattoos on the stump of the mans hand. He only had one enlarged finger/thumb on his strumming hand. He was hollering some blues.

Stop Your Whoring Now!


downtown do offer some surprises

October 26, 2006

I used to be able to say it had been years since I crapped in my pants. Yesterday I had to recalibrate the machine. The stomach virus I caught left a mess in my pants. But I’m feeling better, and drove my car into an i-beam on the overpass to celebrate.


October 24, 2006

Yellow Jacket

Doesn’t their back look like the sillouhette of a mesa flanked by two buttes? If that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t it look like the profile of hills out in Arizona somewhere?

October 22, 2006


Now the horse has no legs!!!



heavy equipment

Responsible Truck Owner


It doesn’t make sense to have a big dog in the city unless the owner is willing to take the dog out all the time and let it run. The same can be said for people who own big trucks in the city. As you can see, I get her out in the dust and throw weight in the back of her so she doesn’t act up when she has to parallel park downtown.

October 18, 2006


Thought I’d sell this old bong on Cragislist.


Hopefully I won’t get arrested.


To Whom it May Concern:

I want the piece but I’m not willing to pay 20.00
instead I’m willing to go on a thiefin’ spree to a
liquor and/or drug store of choice (except Walgreens
on 23rd street).
Mah babi’z daddi is the store manager–RayRay

COOL always liked the graffix pipes and wanted to get another one since i got a little job now. i get paid on friday,do you ever come out to fremont (warm springs area) i would be interested in getting some 420 also if you have, so ya maybe this friday or the weekend you can meet me i will buy it for sure if you can come out this way.

just wondering if your water pipe is available for
rent. if still available the weekend of oct. 28, i
would be willing to lease; i could offer you a six
pack of beer of for your troubles and return it to you
so that you could continue your sale of a slightly
more used product.

Can Someone Send Me An Editor Please???

Incest is the most intimate love you’ll know, but it leaves a retard in the community.
So wile we have fun fucking our brothers and sisters, consider the people on the other side of the bedroom wall, with their lights still on while they sit up doing taxes. Practice responsible journalism, but you’re a poet. Responsible poetry – drunk drivers against point oh eight, it doesn’t exist but when the blues flash we wish it did. !!!!WE NEED A VOICE!!!!!!!! WW’¬ĚRE A $%$#*&$ COMMUNITY!!!!!!!WE’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!VINTAGE!!!W0W;}!!!!!!!L88K!!!!!

Poetry has been struck by a very large vehicle, bounced up under the tranny and is cascading styles across pavement, they will be making an id from a drivers licenxe found in the leather wallet a half mile back when it first went under. There is nothing to identify but the clear prose of our government forms.

Poetry is an abused senior sitting in shit, no one comes to visit and who gets paid right to keep it living? I do {not} have to be {un} clear about an order of operations. You lay down with whoever’s close and you wake up related. Don’t forget the walkabout, don’t forget to roam around. Would you share a glass of water with an HIV + stranger> (a typo, but it looked good)

We need breathing room, time to think. People are dying and we want to last.

Be careful. People you think are crazy have a powerful message. Everyone is busy believing no one really knows anything.

Someone will come to you offering you a new experience. See here, this card, it shows a river. You can’t step in it twice, but it is always there. Danger awaits, but if you make a court appointed recovery program work for you, you will see the danger and know how to address it:

To whom it may concern.

I saw your ad on craigslist and believe I have all and more of the qualifications you seek in a potential employee.

Handle cash deposits and train new employees. Soon we will all talk about the same things. This is community. I have learned how to talk to the people who I work with in such a way that no one can prosecute me for sex crimes.

I can write a few lines of HTML. I like to think about computers. I like to think about My Computer Writes Poetry. A simple algorithm with high hat and snare. There’s so much concern with one-of-a-kinds these days, because that’s the only thing no one expects from a computer.

(a.k.a. )

My Dear Aunt Sally

Why don’t computers remember by learning phrases? Wouldn’t that be more interesting? I’m not impressed with something that can think more clearly than me if it only has to remember 1, 0, 1, 0, 0.
But that’s my community. Human. Kingdom phylum, Genus, species, etc. etc. My learning bridge failed. Google it.

Lead follow or get out of the way. So poets got out of the way. Some time around 2001.
Stepped back, couldn’t afford bar tabs at slams. Poetry isn’t a job. Immigrants aren’t poets. Educated Asians aren’t applying to this program. English as a second language, then law school. Refugees from paper tigers come here and boil donuts or assemble motherboards.

Here’s a list to get mad about:
Indians run motels and convenience stores
Cambodians run donut shops
Sikhs drive cabs
Vietnamese file nails
Africans, Africans, so many different Africans

Ethiopians, Eritreans, I’m color blind,

Don’t know blacks from here or from there. black. What a color. Encompassing. So we figure they’ll eat us alive.

“Africans despise me because they were never slaves.” Never easy being owned.
“You’re better off fucking your brother because he’s the only one who knows you”

What country finds it’s citizens floating here on lottery scratch tickets and used nikes to be given a chance to write poetry?

That’s what hip hop is for, and we’re busy in college trying not to rhyme.

October 16, 2006

This man is a beekeeper. It sounds innocent enough, but too often these people are simply pimps. It is a dirty little secret of nature that bees are sex workers. These female insects are getting plants pregnant. They carry the sperm of male stamens to the eager female pistol of entomophilous plants hundreds of times a day. Slutty little honey bees. And too many beekeepers are reaping the rewards of the whore’s labor – honey. Stolen right out of the bee’s vault. What can these working girls do? Nothing without your help. Stop buying honey, and take the profit out of pimping.


This clandestine photo was taken at the October ’06 san francisco beekeepers society monthly meeting.

October 15, 2006


This is a printing press at San Francisco State University. You people need to start saving your pennies because there will be a poster rolling off of this very press in two weeks that you will all want to buy and hang on your bedroom wall like you are 17 again and in love with a band, but it’s a website this time. Way weirder.

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