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January 19, 2012

chicken philly cheese chicken

We’re not close to Philly so this might take some explaining… the Vietnamese and the Chinese immigrants run the old 50’s diners in San Francisco and they offer pho – a broth soup with meat – and they sell Philly cheese steaks on the same menu.

Tonite we have a waitress who has not yet completely learned English, and if she has she has not yet come to understand the custom of cheese or sandwiches.

Trying to order a Philly cheese steak with chicken, not steak, becomes an exercise in circular logic.

I’d like a chicken cheese steak, I say.

You wan’ cheesesteaks or chicken sandwich? She asks.

Philadelphia style cheesesteak but with chicken, I reply.

Sorry. Sorry. One cheesesteak, one chicken?

Can anyone out there tell me the proper way to order this sandwich? Is it a Philly cheesechicken?

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