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September 30, 2011

airport floor


Does a crime novel need a murder? Can something ephemeral like faith be killed? What is heroic about about hunting down negligent bookkeepers? Capitalism, or something larger, older, subversive, can create a Goliath that seeks to control wealth and information. Bill Gates of Microsoft was a Goliath, using deception to control a market. Our dipsomaniacal leading man, the drunk at the far end of the bar, Mr Louden, looks over at screams coming from the Golden Tee arcade game.

“We need a first person shooter in here, not a golf game.”

“I always liked Duck Hunt,” says the bartender as he dips a pint glass in the final bath of the wash rinse sanitize cycle.

“How genteel. Clay trap mode? I was thinking more along the lines of Area 51. I love the caterwauling of the dying aliens.”

Your narrator is taking a small vacation during which the Department of Justice’s anti-trust case against Microsoft will be reviewed.
It’s perhaps totally void of a single sex crime, but not to worry. The juicy bits involve our gumshoe, who’s crack habit brings him into The Lusty Lady and surfing the casual encounters section of a newly developed website called Craigslist.

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