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November 8, 2011

Doug’s back in town. He was a dancer in a musical version of “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Heading back to LA after the shame wears off.
Sean has an art show coming up, we’re all excited to sample some wine and see what’s on his mind.
I’d like oggy to come out and film the tv show. Bait appliance and tag hunter are some ideas.
Bait appliance – catch a metal thief by leaving a water heater next to my house.
Tag hunter – Craigslist ad for paintballers to hide in trees and shoot taggers
Mr. Hawkins is still making up funny songs.
Ive started prank calling people. It was a fad that died with caller ID. However, most people are so lonely they appreciate some conversation. Start with, “Hi, do you have a minute for a prank call?”
Leave the results in the comments section.

political machine


Like any good voter, I’m going for the candidate that pays me.

November 7, 2011

great stocking stuffer


November 6, 2011



November 5, 2011

crime stopper door stopper


Saw a cop use this trick to let the next round of cops get in without being buzzed into the sketchy rooming house.

November 4, 2011

new store in the works…

Got a guy in the neighborhood looking to live in a junk pile, call it a store. I got the junk, he’s got the time to be the storekeeper.
Let’s see if this can work. Always start with a change of color. Makes the neighbors notice. That’s why a white van is perfect for crime. No one notices it.

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