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March 20, 2012

Found these photos on the ground at the dump and scooped them up for Chiraag. He came by the shop to get them and explained who this man is. Rajneesh, a guru from India in the 60’s who eventually created an ashram in Oregon in the 80’s. There were many problems with neighbors. For one thing, he advocated free love He owned over 90 Rolls Royces and imported homeless people to influence a local election. Things got weird.

While Chiraag explained all this to us, a woman came in the shop with her sister and they were from Santa Cruz and remembered when the group decided to stop wearing the orange robes similar to Hindu priests and went to purple.

“The thrift stores were full of orange clothing!”

That’s the great thing about having a store and inviting the public in. All these old things mean something more than we can tell just by looking at them or holding them. It’s the conversations they start that really make it interesting.

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