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February 15, 2012

mr freedman speaks

Doug shares his sticker collection with loyal readers…

Got Doug on the phone, he was in a loud bar and kindly stepped out on the street to have a quick chat.

MRIP: Sorry no one asked any questions. No one knows how to sign in and leave a comment on the site. So just tell us what’s new.

Doug: I kicked a guy out of our improv team. I should say I volunteered to write the email.

MRIP: How do you get kicked out of an improv team?

Doug: We’d been together a couple months and he rubbed everyone wrong at one time or another.

MRIP: Isn’t the point of improv to not say No? What if he said No you can’t kick me out?

Doug: Ha! I wrote him the email and he wrote back and responded the way I imagined – “this is pitiful you can’t say this to my face and have to have a meeting behind my back.” He’s like 23. What’s he want, to sit in front of seven people and be told he sucks? That’d be hella embarrassing for everyone involved.

MRIP: Are you drinking to cope with it?

Doug: Just one.

MRIP: Have you gotten more political since you arrived in LA?

Doug: Nope

MRIP: More image conscious?

Doug: Yessss. I guess I was trying to do it before, but now I have free time to go to the gym on a regular. I don’t have a stylist, but I’m trying to slim down which I’ve been trying to do anyhow.

MRIP: Do you find yourself thinking about your feet or other parts you’ve never paid attention to?

Doug: I’m thinking about getting all my moles removed.

MRIP: Why did you volunteer to write the email?

Doug: I have no idea. Trying to learn how to deal with stuff I guess. We have a coach we pay ten bucks each for a couple hours of practice. He says negative unsupportive and sarcastic shit all the time.

MRIP: In LA a lot of beautiful people go there and are frantic to get famous before their looks fade. Then there are people who have an “interesting” look.

Doug: We know where I stand.

MRIP: What’s it like to be on the “interesting” side?

Doug: I’ve never given my appearance that much thought, as far as being marketable, but its surreal, to meet people on the street who tell me I have a great commercial look. It’s fucking weird, to be told I have a look, but I’ll capitalize on it while I can.

MRIP: How long do you think you got?

Doug: I give it ten years. We’ll see after I get some work done. New lips and stuff. I’m kidding, I’m excited be living somewhere new and interesting. That’s enough for now.

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