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March 13, 2011

no matter how little i make, at least i’m not in church

At the flea market, saw a guy who took the metal edge from Bic lighters and ringed his hoodie with them.

I’m not gonna call myself stupid. I’m not stupid. But sometimes I learn too late. Too late to be called smart.

On tv, Storage Wars shows a group of people who pay a little money for a storage locker’s contents, then they resell items for a higher price. My tv show, if I were to have one, would track how much money I lose. How much I could have made if I was a little more aware.
200 chop sticks came my way, free of charge. So I brought them to the flea market. I figured maybe someone collects them. I charged a guy 3 bucks a pair and he bought 5 pair. An easy 15 dollar profit. But what if I’d known they were ivory? That people pay a lot more than 3$ a pair for them? Can it be called a loss, even when a profit is made? Can it be called stupidity? Or an opportunity to learn about the world of collecting chopsticks?

Met a guy who wanted me to sell a few things at the flea market for him. He hopped in his 1935 MG convertible and headed over. Then he broke down. The old Hauler! towed him home.


  1. Well I am stupid, would be illegal no? Or are they antiques? Because if they were imported and recently manufactured, and you are selling them, the F & G Officers can get you. Speaking of shows, I saw one where they all geared up and headed down to the markets in SF, and raided little shops selling all the illegal fish. A lot of secret doors out where you are.

    Comment by ken — March 14, 2011 @ 3:24 am

  2. These came out of an old Chinese families garage, so they were either ivory or bone, I’m sure now, and very old. Guys came around with jeweler’s magnifying glasses (called a loupe) and were looking for more but he got all the good ones. The other 195 pairs came back home with me.

    Comment by Rolston — March 14, 2011 @ 11:30 am

  3. send a pair out, I will trade you a 1970 green NH license plate,, or did I send it to you already?

    Comment by ken — March 14, 2011 @ 12:19 pm

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