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tough guy poetry and manly stories of loneliness
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February 4, 2011


Haven’t seen much of Rusty Sunshine this past year which is a terrible shame. He’s always inspiring me to do something. Here he took an old pillowcase and had me tie his arm up above his heart on doctors orders. He had carpal tunnel surgery the day before.

there is no more west

Started off in a kitchen. Washing dishes. Bussing tables. Just a breakfast joint, green scrubby taking egg off plates. Moved up to another man’s dream. A country club. Private. Exclusive. Lawnmowers creeping like roombas over the green.

You may have seen the rainbow stomping around. A giant retarded death beam bent in the sun. We have no power over the rainbow. Lucky it ignores us. A perfect killing machine disinterested in its calling.

Yes, the rainbow color-stacked like psychedelic 7 layer dip has a violent mouth just out of our sight so nothing is confirmed.

What kind of rainbow is the double rainbow, going back for seconds as it feasts on the dreams we give up? Is it really an inspiration to see? The translucent light in the sky, is it awesome to know it has your dream to move West in there? And now there is no more West. You gave it up.

i’m learning!


It looks like arena is spanish for sand.

lite brite destroys nite

Here’s a slice of life in San Francisco’s Mission district. The old man is selling Street Sheets, a newspaper about homeless people and politics. He’s not in the band. The intention of Street Sheets is to help homeless people make money by giving them free copies they then try to sell for spare change. This video really sums up The Mission for me. 16th and Valencia. A crossroads.

February 1, 2011

got anything besides milk?

Gold and cocaine are their own economies. In 1964 the US mint produced coins with 90% silver content. Then they switched from the copper/silver alloy to less precious metals. The high demand for silver to be used in electronics raised the price beyond what the Treasury could control. In 1964 you could go to the bank and buy silver coins then sell them for 25 times the value as scrap silver. The government couldn’t afford to make money out of something worth more than money.

Was this a sign of creeping insolvency? Or is it fine for money to have imaginary value? Today gold’s value is through the roof and just bouncing of the glass ceiling of investors jitters. Value is very hard to determine and clearly fluxates day to day. Just google “spot silver” and see it wiggle.

Where is one to go for solid returns? Is anyone out there investing in cocaine? The answer is yes. The cartels themselves are reinvesting in themselves. They are buying elections in a dramatic new fashion – they gun down every man and woman who steps up to mayor a town. A lot of bang for a buck. Makes sense. Bribery eats into profits. Why pay for milk when the cows free? And for that matter, why buy a cow when there’s free milk? Thats not it. Let’s see. Call the government a cow. Used to be able to buy a cow pretty cheap in a border town. If you go ahead and gun down the cow we can drink as much whiskey and water as we want. We’re adults after all. Milk is for sucklings.

A cocaine business plan: fuck milk, kill that cow.

Brewing directly below us, ie at our foundation, is a nation that is turning into a cocaine economy. The money comes from selling it to US citizens. Every time a senator sexts his page and doesn’t go to jail, we can assume they met in the office to snort blow off each others dicks and that put money in the cartel’s pockets. You and I are not buying our coke from a mom and pop operation involved in sustainable coca processing either so we all help buy the bullets that shoots the mayor that jack built. If you remember that old story. If you don’t, google it later. Or Doogle it. That’s where you call Doug up and ask him a question. Kind of like a magic 8 ball but it needn’t be a yes or no question.

For example, “Hey Dougie Doogles, why is the magic 8 ball so big?”

“I don’t know bro, but if you got an 8 ball, let’s party”

Which shows that Doogling is prone to misunderstandings but hanging with him is always fun. (an 8 ball is an ounce of cocaine in street terms. 3.5 grams for our Canadian dealers. I mean readers.)

What would decrIminalizing cocaine do for Mexico’s cocaine economy? What if Americans could be prescribed cocaine by doctors, just like they can be prescribed heroin under the name Oxycontin today? I think all liberals would rather have Limbaugh fat and sluggish – but then again, if he was so wired he couldn’t sit still, he couldn’t be in front if a microphone for four hours a day telling people second hand smoke isn’t harmful and the government shouldn’t regulate cigarette smokers. (a true story I heard myself as a listener)

A guy who wants less government involvement may actually help get drugs decriminalized, but el Rushbo is more interested in painting a portrait of the dangers of taxing rich folks and the harm of government as a watchdog for big business. Personal freedoms like clean air, clean water, healthy pesticide free food and the right to get high off what god gave us aren’t part of his picture.

Why am I so opinionated tonite? Not all my facts are even true, but let’s continue to call them facts until it gets sorted out. I’ve got Ask Doogle working on it right now.

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