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December 25, 2010

all i want for christmas is my old hip back

So Jesus dressed like a Muslim. The whole bathrobe thing. But he’s white in every picture I’ve seen. Jews aren’t white. Jesus was a JEW!! None of this is making any sense. It’s his birthday today, does he get to make a wish and blow out candles? What did Jesus wish for this time? It’s been like 2000 birthdays.
As far as that sheet he wears, do you think he still wears it? Not the same one, but one like it. Or is there fashion in heaven? There was fashion when he went on fishing trips and walked on water, so why not now? If anyone has an imagination, let’s picture him in a plaid wool coat like an L.L. Bean catalog. And for those of us with access to the Adobe suite, lets take the caucasion bearded guy in flowing robes and put some Timberlands and a hoodie on him. But keep that aura around him. The holy thing. Keep that.

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