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November 22, 2010

this is bullshit


That was weird. First no internet. Then the server holding my website was “under construction” for a few days. That’s what the white page was all about. I got the local soccer mom group to hold a benefit bake sale of vegan cookies in the meantime so don’t worry about me.
Up next, the scanner is broken and I misspent the bake sale funds so I’ll just tell you what this letter dated July 5, 1936 says.

Burke Idaho –

Dear Aunt H- and Uncle F-
Thank you very much for the nice sweater it fitted me fine and is just what I wanted. My Uncle Pat is sick in the hospital with pneumonia and Pluracy. I broke my arm riding a horse. It stepped on a live electrict (sic) line and bucked me off. Our swimming pool opened the 4th. I am entering high school this year.

Your loving nephew

There you have it, live but delayed from Burke Idaho. You probably wonder what Pluracy is. It’s a misspelling. The damn boy meant Pleurisy, an inflammation of the membrane that surrounds and protects the lungs.
But what about a horse stepping on a live wire in 1936 and shooting a kid off! That was living! That was youth!

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