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November 17, 2010

mornin’ sunshine

I thought I was stronger than a cup of coffee but then I was using a French press and I guess that makes a difference. The French ground their coffe not so thin, like cookie crumble at the ice cream shop. Maybe a little finer. Then put it in the glass carafe. Pour in the hot water and let it soak for a bit, then you plunge down a filter that exactly fits the carafe. Sometimes the plunger resists, steam pressure I guess. At this point, don’t get pissed off and press down with all your years of moving refrigerators by yourself, don’t lean into it like your little glass coffee maker is an evil man and you need to get your thumb up his nose far enough to jab out his brains so…shit, neighbor Cal just knocked and we gotta go to work. I’ll deal with the burns later.

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