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October 3, 2010

hardly strixly

Three day weekend free music festival. People want to make money off the crowds. Food vendors are regulated. Street musicians are busking. This guy is holding elk horns.

October 2, 2010


All’s it took was talking about that bike. This guy with the cane, who turns out to be visually impaired, rode up from Santa Cruz with his pal’s trailer to get it.
“I needed the low cross bar so my wife could get her foot over. Most guys are up front steering but with my vision problem, I’ll be in the back.”

October 1, 2010

cl on the dl

Ever try to sell something? Most of us are much better at buying something. But we buy new. We go to a store that sells what we want. Maybe a shirt. We wear it to work and people say, “Nice shirt.”.

Ever try selling something people might not want? Like a tandem bicycle? Where do you begin? I put a “For Sale” sign on mine and rode it to the coffee shop, locked it up, and hoped a couple would pass by.

No luck. So I put it on Craigslist.

The Nigerians contacted me. I didn’t want to help them. I got emails from a few locals who apparently realized what a dumb idea a tandem bike is shortly after replying, because I never got a follow up. I waited a week. Then I reposted.

A man called who wanted to teach his girlfriend how to ride a bike. A woman called who wanted to get around with her autistic son. Another man called who wanted it as a gift for his friends wedding.

None of them did more than tell me their dreams into the phone. They never showed up.

I still have this damn thing. I ride it around and look lonely. But I’m not. There’s a great online community I belong to.


Nikki Stixx and I went to the park to watch MC Hammer this morning. There’s a bluegrass concert this weekend, and Hammer plays Friday morning every year for groups of school children. How this came to be I don’t know. What do busloads of fifth graders know about Hammer Time? Why aren’t they in school? Why is this rapper from Oakland playing a bluegrass festival?

It was Nikki who pointed out how weird it all was. Children kept in a fenced off area in front of the stage. Grown men drinking cans of Bud on a cold Friday at 11 am up on stage left in the raspberries bushes.

But it’s a strange town.

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