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November 26, 2009

just sayin’ thanks

Got a replacement iPhone, but can’t get online. That means no photos till it gets sorted out. Do you ever wish our planet had a ring around it like those far out ones? I only ask because I’m still learning to be happy with what I have – an expensive cell phone that doesn’t have any rings around it, so to speak. It does, at least, ring.

Nikki Stix and I went to the Tee-Off to watch football and drink Guinness and eat an awesome free Thanksgiving dinner, right down to the deep fried bird and yams made with Kahlua. He told me most planets have a bunch of moons, and we only have one.

“And it’s called The Moon. How boring.”

Earlier in the day I was down to Rusty Sunshine’s. We had breakfast at the Omelet House then went back to the ranch to look at pictures of an old Oliver tractor.

Rus says to me, “Do you listen to music on your internet?”

“Sure,” I say. “Want me to show you how?”

“Oh no, I have enough trouble with the stuff I’ve already learned, I don’t need something else too.”

Later I wrote out checks for his Comcast bill and the portion Medicare didn’t cover for his last doctor visit. I made him promise to change that blue towel acting as a table cloth for what’s going on years. It’s sticky now. The terry nap is clumped down and parts of snacks, chips I guess, (is that a raisin nib or a booger?) all kinds of crud is stuck to it.

“I ain’t hardly working now so I got no excuse,” he says. The farm channel is on and muted. Someone is haying on camera. All the junk mail gets thrown on the floor under the bill table where we sit and at the bottom of the pile is a box of checks.

“I keep them here so no one steals ’em,” he says as he’s on his hands and knees pushing aside a bunch of BestBuy circulars and torn open envelopes. “Now that I’m down here I don’t know as I can get back up.”

It’s tough gettin’ old, he always tells me, but he’s always making me laugh too. So it’s good for something.

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