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August 28, 2009

tyson. (not my upstairs neighbor who has that for a first name)

I cut my face changing my tire.

I don’t usually recommend a movie, but you should watch the Tyson documentary. It made me realize I need to quit trying to be a garbage man and go for the gold. I’m gonna be a folk singer. Starting in October. If that doesn’t work out I’m going to China, the new frontier. I’ll rob banks across the midwest and save up enough to fly first class to Shanghai. It may sound stupid, but that’s what i learned from watching that movie.

Dear Mike Tyson,

I really likeded the movie about you. Especially when you talked about how you like to make love to a woman but don’t want to be loved and you say no to her. I always say no too.
I also felt a strong connection to you when the fight clip was showing Holyfield punching you a lot and you were telling us what was on your mind during that fight.

“what the fuck is happening?” you were asking as you kept getting knocked around and couldn’t get your feet under you and protect yourself, let alone return a punch.

A few months ago at the Phone Booth, a local bar, I was getting punched in the face a lot and was thinking the same thing. Then I asked, “When will this stop?” Luckily my friend Glen stopped it.

There were many other things I liked about watching your movie, especially when you tried not to cry and said you were a fat kid.

I also understand why you bit his ear. I don’t think you are crazy anymore.

I have to go to sleep, but thanks for the great movie.

good night,
your new fan,
jon rolston

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