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September 20, 2008

sean’s 3rd birthday

Sean, you just blocked Briar.

Sean invited me over to his third birthday. “There’s gonna be a jumpy castle and I’m getting a Princess cake.”

I know what a jumpy castle is, but I had to ask about this cake.

“It has all the Disney princesses…Snow White, Cinderella, you know…”

I was a little confused about it. Sean’s 36 years old. Why had he had only three birthday parties before? Maybe he was Mormon and had recently quit it. I know he drinks liquor. That’s not very Mormon. So I bought a bottle Wild Turkey 101 and wrapped it up for him and stopped by this afternoon.

There were a lot of kids running around and Sean was very excited to see me and it was kind of weird to see the giant inflated pink castle in the backyard but I figured Sean was catching up on some missed childhood experiences so I didn’t say anything, just handed him the bottle all wrapped up.

I only intended to drop by but stayed about an hour. At one point I asked why he hadn’t opened the presents yet, since I saw I had missed the Princess cake cutting.

“Nowadays kids don’t open presents till after everyone has left. It’s so no one feels bad about not spending as much as the next person on the gift.”

I thought that was interesting. “When I was a kid, I tore into presents right after cake. And I’ll tell you right now, Wild Turkey 101 is $21.99 at the Safeway,” I said.

It was about then that Sean and I realized my misunderstanding. So I want to apologize for that, and wish Briar Moon a happy 3rd birthday!

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