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tough guy poetry and manly stories of loneliness
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July 22, 2008

the silverware drawer released steam

got a call from a gal, water from Ian’s place was for some reason running out of the ceiling into her place. Ian’s in England. I got there shortly after Glenn. He got to be the hero. The dishwasher line had been eaten through by mice nesting in Ian’s cupboard. Most people don’t run dishwasher line theough the cupboard, but we’re all friends. We take short cuts. That’s the joy of home ownership.
It was nice to see Glenn. We used to stand shoulder to shoulder in the trenches remodelling that house back in January.
“You got rock ‘n roll hair now,” he said.
“What happened to your face,” I said.
It didn’t sound mean when I said it. There was a scab under Glenn’s left eye.
“I was leaving the bar on my bicycle down where all that new construction is and I was lookin up at these buildings wondering how easy they would be to break in and I rode right into a chain link fence.”
That was enough to get me laughing. Glenn is a pretty together guy. Doesn’t bumble around like I do. I enjoyed picturing him riding directly into a tall fence.
“The fence didnt have any poles, so it was real loose strung across the path. It was like a sling shot. It shot me out backwards.”
Ian had left beer in the fridge. We had already mopped up the hot water from the dishwasher and were sitting at his kitchen table enjoying his beer.
“I couldn’t believe it when I hit it, how far I kept going forward. It had a lot of slack. I was really surprised. At least I’m not limping around like you though. I can tell people I was doing stunt work. You got beat up.”
We laughed and drank more of Ian’s beer. It’s good to catch up with friends.

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