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September 16, 2007

will work out for food




September 15, 2007

Paper Trail

I was handed a small pack of ephemera today, the last remains of Sean MacDonald’s seafaring days. He is moving and wanted to pass it along to me. The receipt from the amusement park in Egypt, the Russian thing he couldn’t remember, and the ad from the strip club in Canada. Things a married man no longer needs to have laying about the house. How often do these treasured mementos get thrown away? Far too often. I’m here friends, when you are ready to let go. I’ll handle your past delicately and respectfully.

September 14, 2007

fire pit

used to be you could have a fire anywhere on the beach in s.f. now they have a row of fire pits – big cement bowls for containment. too many kids playing on the beach melted their hands off digging in the sand the next day, only to unearth a saturday night fire still smoldering under the sand. thousands of children, and dogs, and adults died. sea birds, dolphins, and land sharks, countless numbers slaughtered. the sands reeked of seared flesh. it made the ocean an adventure. no one was happy when the park rangers began enforcing the fire pit only rule.

but these fire pits are fun. it encourages strangers to group together around a common heat source. i met a man from czech, who was backpacking around the city while he waited to hear about a job on an organic farm, and a flight attendant born in Hong Kong who lived over in the sunset and flew northwest. she told me about crash pads, and agreed to an interview later.

i think i found a new place to hang out.

cheap lesbian fiction


Alaska: the odds are good, but goods are odd

Women looking for men need look no further than Alaska. Take a gander at Craigslist AK, and you’ll find some very straightforward personal ads with lines like this: “I don’t lie , I’m not judgmental, and I don’t hit girls.”

Not your type? How about this gentleman?

“My most favorite thing is to strap a few days of food in my pack and get lost in the woods for a bit.” He probably loves to hit girls, too.

The latest census data show there are 114 single men for every 100 single women in Alaska, compared to 86 single men for every 100 single women nationally.* Take a look around ladies, and see if you don’t belong up north…

*this statistic from NY Times article found here.

Thanks to the ladycat for pointing out Craigslist Alaska to me

September 13, 2007

fulton street live aboards

imagine coming on the scene of a hit and run and discovering both your car and your house had been crashed into…

had the roast beef…

jones hard

you see this on caltrain at bayshore station. for the longest time it clearly read “jones hard”. fitting, i thought, for a city full of junkies.

shocker: the glove

this is a bowling glove, but it looks like it was built for metal heads living in cold weather.

September 12, 2007

mike’s mic

found this in a pile of rubble i hauled today. isn’t mic short for microphone?

September 11, 2007

It’s September eleventh. I’ve been listing to 95.7 The Wolf – one of those radio stations cranking out a hot new country format. Callers call in and I hear their voices on the little tweeters in my truck’s doors.

“We need to get angry again, go back to those feelings we had six years ago. Back when we weren’t Democrat or Republican, we were all Americans, we were all angry together.”

That’s why I love this station. They say the darndest things. A song comes on, Kenny Chesney maybe, anyway, someone saying we didn’t become America by backing down. We need to go to war and fight because people died on 9-11.

My father and my new uncle feel the same way. We need to be in Iraq because of September 11th. We are still in the middle of the wrong war six years later and President Bush is still in power. He started a war with the wrong people! SIX YEARS AGO! AND A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVEN’t NOTICED!!!@!!%%^$#^$CRAZYYYY#$%&$^#@!

But what about these C&W guys who were featured on the 9-11 anniversary show, singing about war and Al Quaida in the same song? Wouldn’t someone in the chain of production point out that Iraq didn’t attack America? Is it easier to sell albums if you ignore the fact we aren’t fighting the people who attacked us six years ago? Is it easier to rhyme untruths?

If the President is confused, why would I assume a country western singer wouldn’t be? I guess because I expect more out of artists than i do out of politicians. Country music is kinda letting me down…

Would the 3,000 American’s who lost their lives be happy to know we are spending 1 billion dollars a week in Iraq? Or would they be saying, “What about Osama Bin Laden?” Would they be glad we decided to look for weapons of mass destruction in a country not linked or involved instead of going after the terrorist organization who carried out attacks with box cutters?

They call it a war for freedom on 95.7 The Wolf, but check around and see what the Patriot Act is doing to your freedom. Are you willing to let citizens be arrested without due process because they are “enemies of the state”? In a Republican controlled congress, Democrats are enemies of the state. Where does that leave us independents? Without a lobbyist to call. Maybe if we all get angry together, we can do something about the low quality of country music. Beyond that, it’s in the hands of the devil.

wanna see a whale penis?

Get ready for something weird.

September 10, 2007

don’t buy a map, draw a map

Check out Oggy’s post. It is a pretty incredible read. I definitely went off on some adventures for those types of reasons. Oggy did a great job of explaining it all.

what Josh was talking about


In regards to his comment on this post.

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